Friday, September 5, 2014


Went swimming at the pagan retreat lake last night with friend Camelia. She's a midwife and solidly pro-skinny-dipping. We had a wonderful time even though much of the conversation was about her in-progress divorce. She's sad and angry because he's the leaver, she's still in love. It's such a hard place. We are all Team Camellia, she is full of value and her ex-guy is continually demonstrating his lack of maturity. But hard to know how to help someone stop being in love. She has all the good reasons for her head. Now how to re-direct her heart?

The lake was so different than last week. It surprised me.
Last week we were bombed by mayflies and only a few skeeters. High thin clouds across the sky and no moon.
Last night we watched large and small bats swirling and hunting until full dark made them invisible. The sky was completely clear. A waxing gibbous moon and many stars shone on us. The moon was so bright we had distinct shadows. Sadly the mayflies were gone and all the skeeters were out keening in my ears (but good for bat dining). The air and water were cooler and after 90 minutes in the water I started getting cold. We felt so lucky swimming under the stars. A sweet farewell to summer.


amenaneri said...

What a beautifully poetic post. You are a brilliant writer my dear. Excited for your life changes--move, new job--I know you will be a rock star in the new job.

The Danish

Nimble said...

Thanks darlin. I keep saying things seem to be falling together not falling apart. Hope the wind keeps blowing that direction.