Tuesday, October 21, 2014

No frost, just pumpkins

Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell dry leaves and woodsmoke! Walked the dog last night about 7:30. In the dark. Much like it was when I walked her in the morning in the dark. But it was a cool, not cold evening and this is a beautiful autumn week. The mosquitoes are finally discouraged by lows in the 40s. The sky has been clear and blue. We're getting a big finish from some of the maples turning colors. There's one that is arrestingly yellow. I exclaim every time I drive past it on Connecticut. I think I need to walk underneath it before the leaves fly.

The fam got their pumpkins to carve for jack o'lanterns two weekends ago while I was toiling on my powerpoint presentation. I will go get a grocery store pumpkin so I can join in the carving this Friday. I admired a neighbor's pumpkin on the porch last week and saw there was already a squirrel bite out of it. Those fancy tailed rats are very spoiled this year: acorns are everywhere. Makes me wish I had a few pigs to herd.

I am a [vendor's name] Certified Trainer. I could have done better on my class participation. Mostly I'm glad it's done.

Maybe I can get a jog in this evening before the baseball begins. We are tickled that the World Series is on a free tv channel that we get. Go Royals!

I'm seeing greater age in my face lately. I'm getting some pre menopause signs from the umpire. (Okay that metaphor got away from me. Wild pitch!) I continue to feel set in my ways socially. Not much libido to speak of. I will take a deep breath and walk the line between acceptance and resignation. I'm lucky to be here! I'm lucky to be alive! (Said in Spalding Gray's imitation of a South African accent, misquoted from Swimming to Cambodia.)

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