Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pebbles and dross

God almighty. Spill out some sentences and fill in the blanks.
Dog, needs ears cleaned, skipped a day.
Alash Ensemble tonight, Nod's idea of a must-do outing. Kat's still
sick and should stay home. Hope she's okay with that.
Trees have been going up like fireworks, colored leaves have blown off
in the gusty winds. The bright yellow gingko and red maples across the
street are mostly bare now. I didn't walk under the glowing yellow
tree, I have regrets.

Work friend is trying to buy a house in town. She has two possibilities,
one costs $50K more and is in the tony golf course neighborhood. I
would never opt for that, don't want to keep up with any Joneses and
would much rather keep my funky house in good shape than try to do
right by a showplace. But she has her husband to think of, a man who
loves to be outdoors or out in the garage and would have more lot with
the 'spensive house. Getting rid of her big bad commute is worth putting
up with plenty, but paying how much?

A little anxiety about not being so busy at work. The start of the
semester was an avalanche. Then the certified trainer program was a
new kind of stress and busy. Now it feels like we've got very little
going on. I tend to revel in that state but would like to know where
the boundaries are.

It's all beautiful and nothing lasts. Thank you, John Scalzi's dream for
that sentence. I haven't had any memorable dream souvenirs for a while.

I found my flipping bite plate so I didn't have to spend $200+ on a new one.
It had fallen down the side of my mattress and was up against the bedframe.
The second time I changed the sheets I thought to look there. Such a relief.
Next lost item:  the Halloween card the girls wrote to their grandma. They
finished it and I stamped it and had it Monday morning before work. Then I
looked for it that day and... might have put it in the outgoing mail tray? Or
hid it under one of the many objects in our house? Grrr.


Zhoen said...

Organization is just not easy. I trained hard for it at work, and I'm pretty good there, or when we move, but otherwise, I still struggle.

Best thing for me is to think ahead and make it hard to forget. Stuff in front of the door, clipped to bags, that sort of thing. Tripping over something does help me remember, sometimes.

Nimble said...

Yes, putting whatever I need to remember next to my purse is good. The other good thing I do is to act when the thought occurs to me. If I think "I'll get to that later" it's rather unlikely to happen.