Thursday, October 23, 2014

Series of World

Rain in the night and in the dark morning. The dog kept slowing down on the morning walk as if to ask why are we walking in the rain? To get it done, Bubba.

I got the date of the kids' dentist appointments wrong. After carefully coaching them to walk over on their own today. It's tomorrow instead but at least I found out before they had set out. I know I am not the worst at logistics but I also know that it's a weakness of mine. Everything seems negotiable in my brain so I have a hard time keeping the days/times/places nailed down. Just think how unpredictable I could become once I get forgetful in my old age!

Taco Night ruled last night. I'm happy that everybody seemed to have a good time, even the tired super toddler. After we waved the naybs out the door we turned on the baseball game and got to watch the Royals get 5 runs in the 6th inning. Highly satisfying.

It's almost time to carve pumpkins. And finish costuming. Oldest child says she wants to go to a sleepover party at a friend's house on Halloween night. I feel sad about loss of family time. Will look for the spouse's strong opinion to see if we match. Youngest child has also been invited to a sleepover that night but says she'd rather go trick-or-treating. Needs: purple leggings, pink long dress. K is still tailoring her purple jacket and needs green hair dye for the Joker. We have L's pink hair spray and she will need to make herself a Princess Bubblegum circlet.

I am looking for a book to swan dive into. I have a couple of pulpy novels (think were-vamp characters) that I don't expect too much from. Maybe it's time to re-read something. I am liking Raising Steam but it isn't wowing me and I know it won't last nearly long enough.


Zhoen said...

Have you read Tinker, Tailor?

Can't say how often I've lost track of what day it is.

Nimble said...

Oh, yeah, I have read those. It might indeed be time for some Smiley.

Keeping track of upcoming events and their day/time is something that varies for me. I'm on it! Now I'm not.