Thursday, October 30, 2014


What am I doing today?

Bringing my coffee to work in a mason jar. I couldn't find a travel mug and this worked really well.

Redirecting my attention back to work tasks. I would prefer to work when requets come in and read the entire internet in between. I find that I'm good at writing things down, not so good at looking at them ever again. I'm getting feedback that I'm going to need to develop that skill and follow through on stuff. Even the stuff that isn't new and exciting. I realized I had an overdue task during yesterday's team meeting. Got it done this morning and am going to try and check a few others off today.

Feeling less cronelike today. I'm wearing one of my favorite shirts and my hair is doing a thing I like. I mentioned to Kat that I thought I was looking older in the face this fall. She denied any knowledge of this. Although it was nice to hear, I am quite sure that in her almost 13 yr old mind I am plenty old. As I am. Still working with that acceptance-not-resignation thing.

Being happy that it's Hallowe'en tomorrow. I got Kat's Joker jacket and vest sewed up last night and we are both pleased. Sort of looking forward to spraying Bun's hair pink tomorrow for her Princess Bubblegum getup. I acquired some candy so we can give out when we're at home. The jack o'lanterns are molding and I better take a picture tonight before the worst happens.

Being a relieved parent: Kat is feeling better and worked on homework last night and went to school today. I think she'll stay for the whole day this time. One reason I know she's feeling better is that we are tussling regarding her desire to go to a Halloween sleepover tomorrow. Nod and I are united that she should not. I expect to win but it will probably be uncomfortable for all of us. 11pm pick up at the friend's house? More debate to come.

Before I forget -- an experience from our New Mexico Trip in October. We went for the second week of the ABQ Balloon Fiesta and it was a really good trip despite colds, homework and wind. One day it was too windy for balloons so we went to Santa Fe for a stroll around the plaza, a little shopping and lunch. We ate at Tia Sophia's which is just off the plaza on San Francisco and has been there forever. I think I remember eating there when my high school boyfriend was a projectionist at the Lensic across the street. It was recommended by the toy store guy in the shopping center and it was thoroughly great! My chile relleno with green and red sauce was the best. I may not be able to eat this dish again after that one. Everyone had great food, the kids enjoyed the sopapillas. (I'm happy to say that I think I have finally grown out of sopapillas, it only took 47 years.) It was busier when we were paying the check and I had to wait at the till. The owner or manager was trying to describe some of their menu items to some European women, slightly older than I, with very fancy hair. Though they spoke excellent, barely accented, English, they were clearly out of their depth and having trouble understanding the nature of a) a stuffed sopapilla and b) posole. I loved the earnestness of the manager almost throwing his hands up at the impossibility of verbally describing these dishes to someone who's never seen/tasted them.


Zhoen said...

In a strange cuisine, probably best to just take a stab at something, not try to figure out the recipe.

I grew up on fry bread, a variation on sopapillas. Still like them occasionally, in small amounts.

Lucy said...

I don't think there can be many places in Europe where you can get anything like real Mexican food. Shame really, I'd love to try it and wouldn't spend too long trying to get someone to explain it.

Nimble said...

@Lucy, it's even more obscure because it's northern New Mexican food. There's always another speciality to discover!