Monday, October 27, 2014


I improved our bedroom over the weekend. It has not reached nirvana yet but is feeling more enlightened than when I started. The previous tenants left their bedroom curtains up for us. Which is a kindness -- we did not have to either resort to hanging up a sheet or to running to the store and buying curtains in great haste (which would involve swearing, marital discord and/or regret).

The curtains were odd though: one set of cream cotton and one set of green cotton curtains, all hung with shower curtain rings. I had a set of floral patterned curtains that I thought could be combined somehow to good effect. I acquired some clippy curtain rings on Saturday and set myself to improving the status quo. I found out that the green curtains were twice as long as the cream and had been safety pinned up to match lengths. Everything was dusty. Unpinned and into the washer they went and lo, I had a big pile of shower curtain rings. After washing I found that the long green curtains were a) stained, b) not wide enough to cover the windows, c) not the same length as the floral pattern ones I wanted to add, and d) revolted me once they were up on the rods by themselves. After banishing the greenies I put up the cream set. They proved to be a) not as stained, b) too short when strong on the rod, and c) slightly different values of cream. I popped some shower curtain rings on them to add length and put the florals on the ends and ahhhh. I don't care about the shades of cream because the floral contrasts enough. The whole combo is light colored and restful to the eye. I am resolved to never think about the shower curtain rings again even though they offended me mightily at first.

#1 Child is home sick today. With a selection of non lethal symptoms: her head is draining which makes her cough when she lies down. She felt hot and cold in the night but didn't feel feverish to the maternal hand this morning and I never got around to taking an actual temperature. She completed her homework yesterday night so I don't think she is telling tales. A day of rest can't hurt.

#2 Child is gone to school in another crazy getup. Her grandma commented on this when we were in ABQ. Bun is creative with the pattern mixing and never met a bright color she doesn't like. We won't lose her, even in a dim room she will glow. We've got our new laptop hooked up to the internet lifeline now and Bun was watching funny pet videos yesterday. Peals of giggles. I find her laughter irresistible and predict that will be what attracts her life mate. I know that's dumb and I won't breathe a word. But mark my words...

Jack o'lanterns are carved and glorious. The warm weather won't be good for them but they only have to last til Friday night. Got Bun's pink dress for Princess Bubblegum at Goodwill. Decided Kat's Joker can wear stripey pants so we don't have to acquire purple ones. Bought green hair dye. Nod keeps on swimming which is so good for him. He's delighted at the muscle def. I got out and yogged a couple of times so I can try and keep up with him.

Raising Steam never took off and I think that was my farewell to the Discworld series. The series will continue to be a source of solace and delight but even if there are later books published I don't think I'll need to read them. Gratitude.

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