Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bag of grab

Someone ought to invent a recipe called Huevos Umbertos.

I am enamored of this astrology post. Quite a writer. I nod along with all the Taurean descriptions (pleasure, slowness) until we get to the lovely well-furnished home. That brings me back to earth with a bump and I remember that really I am only a part-time sensualist spending the rest of my time making sure that the minimum gets done. Who doesn't believe at all in astrology. But anything can provide a framework for good writing. The advice re: boundary settings hits me in all the right places too.

Going to the dentist today to have the tea haze scritched off my teeth. Then I'm going to vote. Nod said this morning that he doesn't have any problem with a requirement to show photo ID to vote. He thinks that if we have to show ID to get in to see our elected representative it's not a hardship to have to show it to vote. I replied that I could see his point but I kind of hate Kris Kobach anyway. There's a person whose actions indicate that he needs a lot of attention and it's perfectly fine with him if that ends up being negative attention.

Babysat for the four boys next door last night. Their toddler is sweet and easy as pie. Changing one poopy diaper made me feel like I'd done my yoeman's duty. Other than that it was all smooth sailing. Our kids all get along and Chutes and Ladders was surprisingly popular.

I put on a turtleneck sweater this morning for the first time this season. When I saw how it gently pushes up my extra chins I laughed. It's also a little short and I decided I'm going to get rid of it. Life's too short to spend all day trying to suck my neck in. I'm probably lighter in weight than the last time I put it on but it appears that gravity has been at work when I wasn't looking. Harrumph! I say.

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