Friday, November 14, 2014

Chug chug chug

Thank you, brave little November bloggers. I am afraid I foresee a bleak December if everyone gets good and tired of writing after this month. I haven't tried to post every day but I expect to rack up more entries than last month.

I found a pigeon feather on the way to the office this morning. I know where some of the feathers are that I had hung from our ceiling in the old house. And I have a stick! I may even find the energy to be crafty with thread and glue. I was thinking about embroidering some felt snowflakes for Christmas cards and then reality knocked softly on the top of my skull. Well, come on, reality, it's not impossible.

I have a pumpkin to bake. That's do able. Then I'll have pumpkin to make baked goods out of. I was asked to woman the church kitchen last night while my kid was at choir practice. They needed someone to let folks in who were dropping off food for a lunch/sale. In return I got to inhale the happy smell of dozens of pies. It was just me to start so I found a terrible cookbook to read from the church library. The author was a lovely woman, a Navy wife and church organizer. Her recipes were cream of xxx soup heavy, used the word "oriental" unironically and were uncertain about vegetarianism. I was happy to look at it and happy to put it back on the shelf without copying out any recipes.

We're due for snow tomorrow and I am feeling excited. I wish it wasn't starting the morning that we're going to pick up trash by the river. But them's the breaks. Kat's volunteering requirement at school drives us ever onwards. I don't mind because I like that kind of thing. At least I talked her out of the Humane Society. Am unwilling to weep or adopt more pets while volunteering.

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Zhoen said...

Funny, I found ASPCA volunteering didn't tempt me to adopt another critter. Maybe if I hadn't had one at home.

Snowing and cold here. I'd offered to help overwhelmed neighbor with the yard last weekend when it was lovely. Now he has the time, and I don't think electric trimmer and rain = good idea.