Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dearest Noodle

Shaking dice, chewing words in the middle

Marvelous. Mumble pie.
Nictating membrane.
(Buff) Orpingtons. Olly olly incomefree!
Papal nuncio. Propitiate.
Palace intrigue.
Quaking quack.
Rumble ramble rambunctious.

In the Fahrenheit teens this morning and I did not succeed in getting outside with dog. She seemed okay with periodic backyard visits instead.

Youngest is home from school today. Last night's parent teacher conference was a lovefest. Our Bun is a balm to her teachers as well as to her parents. Her math scores are even higher than her brainy sister's. Which still surprises me. Quiet sneaky mouse. When she was first evaluated for the gifted program (this decade's term is "enrichment") the test giver though Bun was marking answers at random because she was going so fast. But they were all correct. Effortless is the word that occurs. I know that she has things that don't come as easily and that she will need to work on. But hooray for all the school skills!

Making some efforts at my least favorite work bits. Our student worker who I supervise fell asleep and was snoring at his desk yesterday. Clearly I'm neither employing nor supervising adequately. I'm relieved when he's not here. Making myself work is hard enough, making someone else work seems a lot to ask.

Pumpkin muffins are calling me. Made tomato sauce last night that turned out very tasty. Kat ate a surprising amount of noodles. Including the ones I left on the table to come back for later. Clearly I need to re-think noodle security measures around the 7th grader.

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