Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fife and Drum

Was told we have to take Kat with us to the consult with the oral surgeon. He wants to do an exam and maybe take more xrays. I broke the news to her last night. She's not pleased but no tears so we will carry on.

Went to a university wind ensemble concert last night. Kat's band director got free tickets for her kids and families which was a treat. I was confused because I thought it was band but it was the wind ensemble and then I heard it featured the Star Wars music but also a fife and drum corps? Turns out the answer was yes, all of the above! We got a sneak peek at the U.S. Army Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps at intermission.They were in town to play at half time for the basketball game on Veteran's Day. The fifes were a bit ear splitting but I loved it all. The four buglers were particularly wonderful. My answer to: brass voluntary? is always: yes! The wind ensemble performance was better than I expected. I learned that I like Hindemith (this one I think) and the piece Sanctuary by Ticheli, yum. The Vision Macabres did not amuse me and the Star Wars suite was taken too fast I thought but was fun to hear again. The girls were pretty sleepy but I had a great time and would drag them along again.

There was a cruelly under-employed harpist at the front of the stage. I yearned to be a harpist for a while. But now I am happy that I don't have that large piece of furniture looming in a corner of the living room. A banjo is much easier to hide in the closet. (Instead of skeletons I will collect neglected musical instruments in my closet.)

Bun will be asked to choose a band or orchestra instrument this spring. It'll be a pot shot because we didn't get her to the 'try out all the instruments' event last summer. (We made her come to Greece with us instead.) She will need to just pick one this spring, then she can go to the try-out this summer and switch if needed at the start of school. Her first two ideas: piccolo or trombone. Laughing now.

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Trip to a music shop for a try-out?