Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pickled pumpkin

Not really but I do have an awful lot of pumpkin after baking the ten pounder Nod bought for us. I put four two-cup bags in the freezer and still have a large container to use. Smitten Deb has come through for me lately. I made pickled cabbage salad over the weekend. Kat and I enjoyed it mightily and I bought celery seed for the next round. (I feared that I might be unfit for company after all that raw cabbage but it didn't produce that effect.) The pumpkin muffins were as good as I hoped. We've almost finished the first dozen and I will bake another doz as soon as I get some more cupcake papers. Alterations: I made them with the cup and 1/3 of pumpkin, added a little molasses and forgot to put the cinnamon sugar on top. I don't think they need a sugar topping. Very little oil and no butter, this is a good way for us to eat our pumpkin. At least until some pie happens.

Early winter cold has me feeling persecuted the last few nights. At least I have company. We are supposed to get to mid 30s F this afternoon and that sounds like a wonderful place. Last night Nod asked me whether I wanted to walk the dog or go to the grocery store (temps in the teens). I said neither. He walked the dog and got ready to go to the store. But I felt bad about his sacrifice so suggested we all go. Out in the black and the bitter cold. Many groceries were purchased. Matches eluded us. I 'looked exhausted' according to trusted sources. But I stayed up til ten getting the last of the pumpkin into the freezer. Our heated mattress pad is my best friend in these conditions. I don't keep it on all night but switch it on twenty minutes before I get into bed -- bliss! I feel guilty because the kids don't have one.

Re-read an old R.A. McAvoy favorite:  Damiano. The creased paperback shown in that goodreads link looks like mine. Good for winter nights. Not sure if I'm going to do the whole trilogy. Right now reading a Turkish trans mystery novel. It's fun and very not serious.


Forgot to report on our pre-snow trash pick up on Saturday. It wasn't as cold as expected, no wind and only a few flakes dancing around. On the riverside, Kat alerted us to a bald eagle circling. It touched the water and Kat could see it got a fish. Only a few minutes later we saw a doe swimming across the river (probably to escape all these noisy people in her woods). Quite worthwhile.


Zhoen said...

I tried to cook the pumpkin bought for the purpose. I seem to not have a touch for cooking pumpkin, put it that way.

Nimble said...

I'm sorry the squash gods were not smiling. I followed the Joy of Cooking instructions and all was well. The second batch was cooked longer than the first and its texture is better. But the first batch tastes just fine.