Wednesday, November 19, 2014


New word of the day: trabeculae. This is the branching web of bone tissue that has spaces in it. (I heard the doctor saying something like "tribeca" so I knew I had something to look up later.) The oral surgeon took another xray of Kat's mouth. It did not show an empty space but plenty of trabeculae which is very good news. This means that probably the dark spot which showed up in the dentist's xray was an image error rather than a cyst or other unauthorized lack of bone. The new image will be sent off to an oral pathologist for evaluation to be quite sure. I'm cautiously pleased.

The big cold hammer has gone back to the Arctic Circle and we just have the regular cold now. I walked the dog last night and was pleased with myself. One happy dog and only minor face numbness resulted. The poor beastly beast has started squatting frequently and I'm afraid it means she has a bladder infection. I'm going to watch her for another day before letting the vet know we're ready to drop off another bag of money at their office.

Millions was charming, I made the kids watch with me. The appearances of St. Joseph were my favorite: 1) subbing in for the absent Damian in the school nativity play and 2) leading the donkey (with halo!) away at the end. We went to see Big Hero 6 and had a good time. It's all sort of melted away from my memory now except for the beauty of Baymax. Hairy baby! Next family film: Pee Wee's Big Adventure.


Zhoen said...

Yay about the teeth!

Reading As You Wish, and want to see Princess Bride again.

I wonder if cranberry concentrate would work, safely, on a critter. Sure helped me when I was going through a series of UTIs.

Nimble said...

So happy not to be getting ready for a surgical event.

I highly recommend The Princess Bride book as well.

Dog is acting more normally I think, still watching.

Zhoen said...

Have read it, oh, yes.