Friday, November 21, 2014

Sing one

One of my childhood Christmas favorites brought to you by Hugo Winterhalter and his orchestra. The vocalist's name is Judy Valentine, a stage name if I ever heard one. I do love her funny chirpy voice. Wikipedia tells all. She was Bozo's sidekick and worked with Carol Spinney and is still with us. Bless you, Judy.


Zhoen said...

I'd never heard that before, loved Judy, very much.

Nimble said...

Oh good! I think of these old songs as peculiar favorites and don't expect anyone else to be able to put up with them. I listened to a few other versions of the song. It has a silly intro about a boy who's new to the neighborhood and left out of games singing about wanting to ride with Santa. But I think it works better delivered as a teen girl on a chaste date with Santa.

Zhoen said...

Agreed, although I could live without the extended orchestration.