Friday, December 19, 2014

A little feasty, Sing three

Dreamed last night that I was going to have a baby, child number three. In the dream I was calm and pleased about this and was figuring out scheduling things with my workplace. I am happy that was the emotional tenor of the dream although I think a real life pregnancy would be more alarming. Ha!

My pumpkin muffins were well received at today's work potluck. It was a good feast, better than I expected. (Thank you, Smitten Deb. Follow her advice to use a full 1 1/3 cup of pumpkin.) I haven't done any other holiday cooking lately. Last weekend I was so wigged out that I couldn't even look forward to food. Better now, thank the roots. On Tuesday evening Kat made a masala chickpeas recipe out of the veggie cookbook her Dad gave her for birthday and lo, it was good. I made some baba ghanoush out of the one little eggplant that roasted well. I used my Moosewood book recipe as a starting point with fresh parsley and green onions and lemon juice and tahini and it was greatly yum. I am going to make both of those recipes again for tomorrow's solstice party.

This is another childhood favorite. The album is one that strikes my spouse as both gloomy and whitebread. But he's hard to please. I love the uncommon songs they chose.


Erica said...

Ha, "gloomy and whitebread." I have probably been described the same way.

Nimble said...

Hum something in a minor key to reinforce the impression!
I like those clean cut young men with their slightly obscure European folk song selections.