Monday, December 22, 2014


Happy Solstice, yall! We had a party, sort of, to celebrate on Saturday night. The house got cleaned, a fire was built in the fireplace, and Kat and I made delicious foods. Due to illness, holiday travel and probably other mysterious forces we had just two friends come over. But we had a lovely low-key time.

Then we finished the very last Burn Notice episode. It was pretty good. I thought Madeline's fate was avoidable but Nod thought it brought nobility to the ep. The show is good cheesy fun but that last season was too bloody for me.

We had intended to blow town tonight and try to make the southern border. Both the drivers had to work today and Nod says he's not up for a night drive. I hope he can sleep tonight and we'll get out in the am. Going to Austin and holidaying.

Welcome light in the darkness. Welcome back, sun. Don't forget to lie on the floor under the tree and look up through the lights and ornaments. Aaaah.


Lucy said...

And a happy Christmas to you and yours, Nimble!

Nimble said...

Thanks! Hope it was a good holiday chez vous.