Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kings of the Road

We got down to Austin in 12.5 hours which is a new family record. This made us feel mighty because between small bladders and hunger we often stop more than others do while on a road trip. But then we remembered that the kids were much smaller last time. We were all tough and pushed on intrepidly. No weather or road delays. We had a couple of traffic delays (one in Ft. Worth, of course, and one in Austin - a powerline had fallen across the freeway) but nothing terrible.

The holiday was lovely. My gifts ordered at the last minute arrived on Christmas Eve -- I wish I could send a hug to the vendor. My sis-in-law liked her scarf and said she'd bought me one but hadn't brought it because 'what if she doesn't wear scarves?!' Hee. The cousins mixed well and it was good to spend time with our far flung ones.

Back to bitter cold and to work (can you tell?).

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