Thursday, December 11, 2014

Managing Anxiety Holiday Style

Trying to stay reasonable in an unreasonable season. I've been letting work stress build up and xmas shopping snuck in as well. I got to be quite worked up yesterday and came to a realization that this is not a worthy path. I have to find a way to be myself and not feel under the gun all the time. Job shopping is one possibility but more immediately I should be able to find a new approach to my current situation. Apparently I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself related to work. In the past I have been happily underemployed and realize now that it was a strategy for managing my stress. I opted to be poorer and to not feel on the brink of disaster.

Perhaps disaster is not poised and ready to strike. Some of this anxiety could be completely beside the point. No one is asking me to feel this way and I'm not being paid to feel scared.

This could take a while. The short dark days are contributing to some of my mood stuff. I wasn't feeling the Christmas spirit when we had our carol sing. But that was fun for me and I felt much better after singing out than I had beforehand.

The girls painted pottery for their grandma and I picked it up yesterday. One kid's presents are on their way. It'll be good to see everyone in Texas even if I give everyone a box of chocolates.

More singing. Some shopping. More laying down of crazy dumb burdens.


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