Monday, December 1, 2014


Thanksgiving Discoveries:

I can make gravy in a wok.

I now know what the smoke alarm sounds like in this house.

Too much wine was fun. Until the next day. And that's enough of that.

Spatchcock! was a very successful experiment. I was able to cut the backbone off the turkey but could not crack the breastbones. Imagine me puffing and thumping on the carcass to no avail. Nod did the strongman honors.

Bacalao (Brazilian fried codfish balls) are tasty but Fishy.

Fresh herbs I bought but forgot to use: sage.

Picturephone was a hoot. I will be soberer next time I play so I can remember more.


Ripping back my squirrels hat was useful. I hadn't allowed nearly enough slack in my floats. (There's some knit jargon for ya!) But my re-knit squirrels are still a bit lumpy. I have decided I don't care and am planning to finish it and block the crap out of it. I love the colors and the cotton yarn. Maybe I can wear the lumpy one and make a yet-more-smooth squirrels version for the kiddo.

Some of the knitting took place while waiting for my kid at her aerial silks open gym. She is working on a routine for her December 22 recital. The session was at a former Russian Orthodox church (complete with teeny onion dome!) that is now a studio space owned (and lived in) by her teacher. It was fun to visit. Kat's routine is good and she picked great music. I think it will go over well.

Because it was a good vacation, I got through several books over the long weekend. I finished the latest Ruth Downie Roman legion medical officer mystery Tabula Rasa and it was great! Before that I read Arthur & George by Julian Barnes. I liked that one too. I would give more details but finding out who the protagonists are is part of the journey. Just last night I tried Russell Brand's biography My Booky Wook. That one I was able to put down and won't be picking up again. I like his acting and some of his essays. How could it miss with heroin addiction, outrageous sexual escapades, etc? But it felt more like a journal than a finished work. Plus the explanatory footnotes for Americans were pesky and by turns overexplained and skipped some British code-speak entirely. I am not called to be an audience for it. Godspeed, Russell.

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