Monday, December 15, 2014

Small vickies

Still working on unclenching. Time to be gentle with myself. I am not being paid to be freaked out. I got some walks in although I did not manage to jog over the weekend. Yoga? Just checked the nearby studio and I could go to gentle yoga tonight at 8:30p. It couldn't hurt.

Full on fit of despair about death and separation from loved ones on Saturday morning was prompted by the sight of a road-killed squirrel. Not an uncommon sight here where squirrels and cars are both so plentiful. Must be seasonal-affective lack-of-sun related. Plus being stressed out, see above.

Just re-read the first two Peter Grant books, Midnight Riot and Moon Over Soho. Author page on Goodreads. Really good stuff, very much like an exciting tv series. The first book is titled Rivers of London in the UK and Midnight Riot in the US which is off point and sounds like generic thriller-ese. They must have thought they had to pump up the hard hitting cover appeal.

Am more than halfway through Jack: A Life of C.S. Lewis by George Sayer. It is more objective than I expected, having checked it out of the church library.

Accomplished a presentation this morning for four people. Am happy to be through. Onward and upward and doing what I can do.


Lucy said...

As I was leaving my yoga session today, my yoga buddy's cat trotted out of the undergrowth bearing something in her mouth. I greeted her cheerfully with 'Hello Minnie, wotcha got?' and she dropped the field vole on the ground in front of me. As it lay on its back I could see its heart visibly beating, I told her to kill it and came away with a sickening, vertiginous sense of all the horror and fear and pain in the world. Life's not for sissies.

Sorry if that doesn't help, sometimes fellow feeling is a curse. Take could care of your dear self.

Nimble said...

It does help a little to hear that others have experienced the like. There is plenty to be distressed by here in middle earth.

Here's to work that doesn't follow one home at night.