Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Xmas Biz

Christmas tree discussions have begun. It's a new space so we have to figure out where a tree can go. Nod thinks a small one on the table by the front door. I lean toward putting it right by the front window for max showoffitude. Briefly considered buying one at the grocery store last Saturday but historically Nod likes to be in on the selection process. When I asked him he said that would have been all right. Always a moving target, that one.

Our pets have a sitter! It's our wonderful animal-enthusiast piano teacher friend. She will fold our dog into her menagerie for the duration and visit the cat every few days. I am mightily relieved to have this settled. She also reminded me to stop the mail which I have now done.

Somewhat related: dog gets bathed tonight. I will wash the canine bedding while spouse and kids wrassle the hound at the dog washatorium.

I tried to make a wish list last night but kept spacing out. Reverse shopping is hard -- add that to your 1st world problems.

Bun is going to be making gingerbread houses with some friends this afternoon. I want to bake some gingerbread people/critters. Maybe I could get some dough in the fridge tonight...

I have been making progress on my scary work powerpoints. One big one to go. Thus all the blog posts. Back to the salt mines.


I'm tickled at finally getting the snow effect to work for this page. I have noted one vote against. Let me know if you have feelings pro or con. So interesting how opinion varies widely on little things.

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