Monday, January 26, 2015

Blink blink

Start of semester tidal wave hit right on schedule. Long four day week. Still busy but expect more time to think this week. I gave two workshops and they went okay. Reminding myself it's good to have the experience. Not my favorite activity but I can do it.

The president came to campus. Result: lots of smiles and surprisingly little traffic snarling at least on my side of town.

Watched Looper over the weekend and am turning that over in my brain. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's face looked really weird to me until I got used to him. It's been a long time since 3rd Rock. Nod only watched the first half and I am very frustrated that I can't discuss it with him yet.

Went to yoga eight days ago and sigh. I found the class more challenging than I expected. Turns out it is Wednesday that has the 'gentle yoga' session. I pushed too hard doing the things I could do and was achey for days afterward. Plus I was having a weepy day and yoga often hits me in the feels with the radical kindness and self nurturing and all. Was at least able to mop my face and finish the class. Realized later that I was also ashamed of not being fit enough to do all that stuff. So in addition to not competing with the young and bendy folk, I will try to accept where my muscles are at and what I can do. Sigh. Just the act of going to a yoga class should make one stronger and more flexible, shouldn't it?

Very dry. 68 forecast for Wednesday. Rainy 40s would feel more appropriate.

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