Friday, January 16, 2015

Building and naming

Wednesday evening after work I walked out into the sunset. There were still many minutes of daylight and twilight left. The sky was clear and the temperature was not face-breakingly cold. I felt my brain relax. In addition to the light and temperature improvement I have let go of the workshop anxiety. I wish it had been a conscious decision so I could remember the technique. But I just had the recognition that the tightness between my shoulder blades was gone. I went home and walked the dog and felt good. It's not a personal failure that I ran out of steam at 8:30 and crawled to bed in the next hour. I wish it had resulted in bouncing out of bed early the next morning but eh, at least I was on time.

Yesterday evening was good too. I went shopping with the girls: Kat was down to two pairs of shoes that fit and Bun needed Peru/Machu Pichu diorama supplies. It was successful but we missed out on total triumph. Diorama supplies were acquired. The near-miss was that the sneaker we found that was marked down to a reasonable price was the last of its kind and its mate was not to be found. I looked, the kids looked, I summoned an employee to look, it eluded all of us. I may cruise by later tonight to see if it has materialized on the shelf. Kat's feet were declared officially huge, she's wearing a women's 6 now depending on the brand. We cut our losses and stopped by one more shoe place and picked up some slippers for K because this house calls for slippers. Bun got Peru cut out of the foam board last night and we all felt productive. Nod went to play pinball and got home after I was asleep. Not sure if he felt productive but maybe refreshed.

Looking at a baby naming blog this morning, I am enjoying curling my lip at many choices. Some gender neutral names for girls get right up my nose. I wonder what Windsor Johnston of NPR fame has for nicknames. (And after some Googling I now know she's married to Bob Edwards all May-December-like. Golly.) I know I have no leg to stand on here and it's purely a preference thing. I think I might choose differently if I could have do-over for Bun's name in particular. But I had fun at the time and have let that go. The kids can always rename at a future point if personal or professional reasons crop up.

For future reference here's a take on the America's Test Kitchens baked felafel.


Zhoen said...

Funny, I'm more bothered by excessively frilly girls names than by gender neutral/masculine girl names.

Lucy said...

Winny? I enjoy looking at the baby names in the commune newsletter here, I have to feel my way in the dark much more in terms of cultural and sociological baggage they carry. An article I read says the classic names are coming back at last, but with a preference for the gender neutral ones: Camille, Dominique etc

Brits have always found some US names curious, with a tendency for names that sound like surnames for first names even for girls, and also place names and other nouns used as names, or even words that simply don't sound like they ought to be names at all. Some of them are nice, and some do catch on this side too, there were lots of little girls called Paige a while back. The one that seemed really funny to us was Bristol Palin. Bristol is such a prosaic unromantic kind of place, the sound is ugly anyway, and also it has an old smutty slang application here which means you really wouldn't give a girl that name. Though it was any excuse to laugh at the Palins anyway of course.

Nimble said...

I knew about the city of Bristol but not the blue meaning, that is funny. In the end it's just a sequence of sounds but I find I can't help having strong opinions.
Naming pets is even more fun than naming babies.

Joolie said...