Monday, January 12, 2015


The bag of cookie cutters appeared a week after I'd wanted them. In a place I could have sworn more than one of us checked more than once. I've put them with the baking stuff. Perhaps they'll stay put now. Still missing three glass baking pans after the move.

Much football was watched this weekend. I was torn between rooting for the Cowboys or Packers but everybody else on the couch was for Green Bay so I let myself get convinced. They had a good second half and AR looked practically healthy by the end. The tricksy double pass was fun to watch. Don't feel bad, Dallas, you had a good season nonetheless. I wandered off during the Broncos / Colts game (all horsies!) but was sorry to hear that Denver couldn't get it together.

Kat negotiated a switch from the kid aerial silks class into the adult class. It's the only way she can squeeze in a class with her after school theatre practices. I'm proud of her and think she will like the evening class. From my parental perspective this is better because she won't be walking over the bridge in freezing temps. Feel a little sorry for the adults who have to be in class with her and her lithe, monkey-like dexterity. Almost everything athletic is easier when you have minimal mass to haul around. I remember. I want to get Bun enrolled in a dance class.

Went to the story slam on Friday night and Nod related a story in their Firsts theme. It was packed: they had 16 or more performers. Red wine and popcorn hit the spot. I lack the storytelling skills for this format but couldn't help speculating what I would tell. Nod's story told how his lifetime fear of Death was currently lessened by parenthood and the experience of loving others more than himself. It was well-told and I hadn't known his current death-fearing status so I was very glad to hear it. Some of the other stories were good, some were not very eptly told. I was closing my eyes by the end because my day was long.

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