Monday, January 5, 2015

Setting out, summing up

Primary color photo found on flickr. Here's another one in this artist's collection:  sheep with ears!

I hadn't made any resolutions because I'm doing plenty, thank you. I don't need a to do list to neglect. But after reading others' one-word resolutions I am reminded that this is more like poetry and am considering candidates. I thought about Stretch but that sounds uncomfortable and who wants to invoke that? Perhaps Ring as in reverberate, make noise. Plenty of noise in the new year! Not really (as Bun would reassure us after she told us she was a kitty). The image I have in mind is listening to a mellow bell that is struck, hearing the ring until the sound fades and it is silent. I want to make space for the chime and let it be heard until it is gone. 'Complete the gesture' is something I repeat to myself sometimes. Finish what you start and be mindful.
Oh so serious, come on, now. It sounds good to me but it also makes me want to kick over the traces and go frolic instead of being so mindful. Ring-a-ding-ding!
Last year's one-word resolution: Explore. Considering the exercise, job and house changes, I think the word to sum up the year may have been Move. I must preen and note that I jogged both on new year's day and on Saturday.

10 7 F for the high is our forecast for Wednesday. I will consider taking the day off and giving the kids the option as well. I might as well enjoy the house heating I will be paying for. After checking the calendar I see that we have a meeting in the middle of the day. Of course we do. Grumblecussfratzit.

Had a good time watching Galavant last night. (enthusiastic review, meh review) It may be more eye candy than anything else. The sets and costumes are clearly inspired by period art and made me happy. The actors are all stupidly beautiful. The writing gets in the occasional guffaw but hasn't added up to much yet in terms of either wit or adventure. I'll try it next week to see if it gains any momentum.

We made gingerbread cookies and frosted some yesterday. I discovered in the process that I've mislaid our cookie cutters in the move. Standing in the middle of the house and commanding them to make their location known did not work. The second grocery store I tried had some on clearance. I managed not to burn the cookies and the girls did a good job of bedazzling them. They're dwindling fast. It was fun but it is a sadly ephemeral art form.

One child got out of the house extra early this morning for the return to school. The other is having friends over to enjoy her last no-school day.

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Zhoen said...

Warm? With a high of 7˚F, sure sounds inviting, anyway.