Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Made Smitten Kitchen's no knead pizza dough and sauce. It tasted fine and I was happy to have the leftovers. I was underwhelmed but it could just be the lack of daylight. Although this *is* the season when you want to have your oven up to 500 degrees. The dough didn't rise, probably because it was too frickin cold. I just poured the mess out on the counter and added flour until it was dough. It baked up fine and tasted fine. The kids have told me they hope I make it again so we have a quorum of votes for the dough and the tomato sauce. I used a can of whole tomatoes with basil, drained, blended up with a garlic clove and a little salt. Couldn't be easier. I also looked at Alton Brown's latest pizza refinement. He's very precise with his weight by grams, I'm not set up for that although I do finally have a kitchen scale in ounces. I like that his dough does its long rise in the fridge. I'll try Smitten's again and add more yeast to the dough to see how that works.

I feel I do need to buy Deb's cookbook since I cook out of her blog all the time. She deserves the sale. Chicken Soup with noodles is my lunch for the foreseeable future. I wish I had more soup eaters in the fam. Kat will help if it's veggie but the other two aren't any use for the current batch. I am hoping that Bun has a growth spurt soon. She's pretty uninterested in anything but dessert and it frustrates me. I have to remind myself that she eats reasonable breakfasts and likes fruit and some veggies and there is no problem here.

Last Smitten recipe for this post, I swear: Date Cake with Toffee Sauce. I am baking my way through the dark season. Baked the cake in two 8x8 pans which worked fine and surprisingly did not reduce the bake time. Substituted 2 T of the butter in the cake with yogurt because I feel better when it's not a whole stick of butter. Made a smaller amount of toffee sauce because my heavy cream was very old and I had to remove the top layer. (It smelled fine! I simmered it for ten minutes anyway which must have discouraged anything that was growing.)

I'm chewing my way through books. I just finished another Isabel Dalhousie novel even though the character frustrates me. I just read The Comforts of a Muddy Saturday. And there are ten of them! He's a publisher's dream, isn't he? I may not be able to keep away. I've noticed that in each book there has been a reference to Isabel thinking "what if this were happening in a book?" and then thinking "but I'm not a fictional character, I'm real." Very Escher.

The Lady of Sorrows is diverting me at the moment. It's a Hermes Diaktoros mystery set in Greece. Everyone needs a good yacht fantasy. I wonder what amount of money the upkeep for a small yacht burns through per year. That would be riches, having a boat and not worrying about the constant maintenance bills.

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