Thursday, February 26, 2015

3rd generation

At work we had a software consultant for three days of meetings with various involved groups on campus. It was eye opening and I have just a glimmer now of the big picture real world process that the software is intended for. Whether anyone here will use it as intended is another question. We will bravely forge ahead with the pilot groups. And try to stamp out any requests for other uses. No, I'm sorry, but the software was not designed to do that.

Knitting has come to a pause. Or an end, at least according to the pattern. But the neckline is much too wide for me, on beyond boat neck, maybe it's an ocean liner neck. I think I will continue for more rows with decreases to see if it gets to a better point. The sweater may be too small for me but it's hard to tell as it's ribs all over (4K, 2P) and very stretchy. Even if it ends up going to one of the kids it needs a higher neck.

Nod just told me last weekend that our oldest kid's style (hair short, dyed red, shaved on the side, boots with leggings, mostly black clothes) makes him worried that he won't get any grandchildren. Bwahaha! Another role reversal. Isn't it the mother we expect to be hectoring her girls to be more feminine and make with the husband and babies already? Besides which, even if, in the fullness of time, K decides she is a womancenteredwoman I trust that she will have a pack of dogs, a spouse and some babies. She is a doer and can get it done. Nod was wise enough not to share any of these (Premature! Unfounded!) concerns with the middle schooler. I didn't know he was so set on grandkids. He has some traditional expectations.

My own traditional expectations are happy with the babydyke style because it means my little darling isn't craving/inviting lots of male attention. Yet. I don't care one way or the other but want her to get past the next few years without assault if possible. I wanted to get the kids born, get them past the age of crib death, past the danger of choking, keep them from being runover, so far so good! Just a few more dangers to go, right? I am so grateful to be a parent and to have kids who have gotten past those rocks on the white water rafting trip of life.


Dale said...

:-) I was so happy when my daughter came out. So much lower risk, all the way 'round! And yeah, she & her partner will still come up with babies, one way or another.

Nimble said...

:D Seems funny for me to hope that my daughters won't want to consort with men. And yet, here we are.

Zhoen said...

D has always liked that I'm kinda dykey looking, and I am. You just never know. But it's good to hear parents being accepting and warm.

Nimble said...

Vivent les differences! whatever they may be. Personally I'm a fan of gender ambiguity. Express what you've got.