Monday, February 9, 2015

Hand made

Last week's attendance at the reading by Nadia Bolz-Weber, The Sarcastic Lutheran, has left me wondering yet again about this whole dang religious belief thing. She's very gospel centered and while the attention-getting parts of her persona are tattooed, edgy and blunt, her practice is very Lutheran and very traditional. My beliefs are metaphorical and I bridle plenty at the ideas of a father god or the divinity of Christ. At the same time I like church and I like the liturgical cycle and the rituals. I find them beautiful and effective in my goals of a) giving thanks to the universe for my existence; b) feeling absolved of my mistakes and able to go on; c) feeling connected in a loving way to all other humans. But I worry that by adapting the structure to my own ends that I am not talking about the same things as the other communers. My husband says that surfing cognitive dissonance is the skill I need here. It was fun going out with the church nerd women.

Jogged twice over the oddly warm weekend. Morning light is creeping back although I'm not quite ready for a 6:15a outing yet. If the weather cooperates I can try right after work on Tues/Thurs. Got together with my neighbor Brownie to jog on Saturday. I am feeling good about my social initiative score for the past couple of weeks. Found that we have a similar pace, it was a successful outing.  

IPAs were quaffed on Saturday night. My favorite was either the citrus-y mild entry from New Belgium or the Redacted from Renegade. But enough with the bitter hops, I'm really looking forward to some mellow Belgian ales next month.

Nod told me that he's worried about the teenager wanting to spend extra time with her friends and him losing the opportunity to connect with her. I understand and it's going to take some effort. I suggested a family outing to sketch in the park when it's warm again. We are working on our art-car parade ideas. I'm mulling humpback whale cardboard mods for our Subaru wagon. 

If you're a Tom and Lorenzo fan (Project RunGay was their rocket to stardom) you should know about their new chat site . I'm not feeling bitter but am currently looking at the cooking blog recommendations being shared.

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