Wednesday, February 11, 2015


It's getting cold again this week. I am generously making an effort to tolerate it. Four weeks from now there could be forsythia blooming and things will be quite different. Jogged again after work Tuesday. Nod suggested I take a granola bar along but I thought I'd be fine for 30 minutes. Plus the thought of eating while running is ghastly. Got home and made myself some beans/rice/cheese/salsa and was pretty much incapable of useful speech until I had eaten it. So maybe I'll need to snack at 4:30 at work if I want to jog at 5:30.

Took the 5th grader to Tarzhay and spent money on cards and craft supplies (glitter glue is Bun's fave) and chocolate. It was a fine use of the entertainment budget. Ooh, just remembered that the boots I ordered for said 5th grader may arrive today. After they arrive it is allowed to snow if it wants.

More entertainment budgeting - we watched the second Kendra episode of Buffy last night. Quite the rowr content with Angel all tied up and tormented by Dru. I had heard about the second slayer but had never seen those eps so I'm glad to fill in the blanks.

I don't have much valentine's day in me but I sent a card to Borderlands Books in San Francisco. They're going to close and they've gotten flak because the straw that broke the camel's back is the living wage law. They're not against a living wage law but in this case it makes it impossible to run on the tiny margins that they've been working with. A friend suggested mailing cards to let them know they are appreciated. It is a lovely store and I'm sorry it will be no more. I am still mourning newspapers. I am still mad at Half-Price Books for moving out of our city. I like paper and I cannot lie.

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