Thursday, March 12, 2015

And a day

I need to take a picture today of the crocus in our front yard. The birthday boy got some pretty nice gifts: saw a badger and weather in the 70s. The badger he sighted by the train station, the first one he's ever seen. I've never seen one and am happy for him and jealous at the same time. The warm temps are pleasing to all.

An emergency chocolate pie order worked out and we all went to dinner at the Vietnamese place by the nail salon. At the restaurant I traumatized oldest daught when I read URA TWAT written on her hand in ballpoint ink. I said it was unacceptable, inappropriate and woman-unfriendly (sorry, grammar). She gave the excuse that someone else wrote on her. I handed her a pen to draw over it but her dad sent her to the bathroom to scrub. She came back teary. I don't like the idea of someone (probably male) writing female anatomy epithets on her. Grrrr.

Nod said he was feeling less melancholy this morning. His mother called me at work yesterday to ask if her son's cell phone number had changed. I picked up the call thinking it could be dire news but probably would be for some emotional urge. I explained that his cell# was the same but that he often couldn't pick up during the day since he was likely to be underneath a dishwasher. She apologized for calling during work and I do wonder how the next fifteen years are going to go for all of us.

My own internal weather is fair but storms expected. Leaving metaphor behind I can hardly wait for a good thunderstorm, it has been a long time. C'mon, March!

For future book inspiration, the Edgar Awards. It says new database coming soon. You'd think they'd want to sell some books.


Dale said...

Oh, man. Life just keeps coming at us, doesn't it?

Nimble said...

@Dale: if we're lucky. And any lesson not learned will be helpfully repeated.