Monday, March 9, 2015

Crack of squirrel butt

Heard on the college radio station today a song with the line "gargoyles gargling oil." It has lots of spliced together voices and unexpected but still hooky properties.

Am liking the new fantasy novel I stared at for a few weeks before starting: Three Parts Dead by Max Gladstone. I am liking the odd world of many gods and contractual obligations. Our protagonist magic wielder is smart and scrappy and when she does acts of powerful magic laughs loudly at death.

Currently I am drinking darjeeling tea just this side of scalding. Our first daylight savings morning went well. I know better than to think we're done with the adjusting. Here's to ten more days of feeling that things are too early!

Caught up on most of Season 3 of Buffy over the weekend. Watched Doppelgangland with the vampire Willow brought to our Willow's world. Alyson Hannigan plays Willow very smart yet kawaii in the series. These eps are too long for me to try and cram. I ff past the fight sequences but still! I am selfishly wishing there was a 30 min dialogue version for each. I remember some of these from my original viewings. I am pretty sure we started watching faithfully in Season 4.

Link to Language Hat post about the obscure French phrase for the crack of dawn.

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