Friday, March 27, 2015

Dinner with Jesus

The Pioneer Woman is having a Le Creuset giveaway. The question to answer in the comments is “If you could have dinner tonight with one person from throughout the history of time, who would it be?” My answer: P.G. Wodehouse. I have a hard time picking for this sort of thing. I figure if I could get him talking about golf or cricket we'd have a fine time. In the few comments I scanned I saw lots of dead relatives (understandable), several Jesuses (okay but isn't that sucking up?) and one woman who wants to dine with George Washington and ask him what he thinks about this country going to hell in a handbasket. I'll be glad I don't have to dine with my fellow commenters.

Went jogging yesterday evening and am proud of it. While on the trail it occurred to me that I am okay with looking shlubby while exercising but that at an earlier time in life it was less acceptable to me. I am making room for more movement, reminding myself that it's half an hour I can afford now that daylight is here. I hope the pre-Easter thickening can be turned around.

Nod and Kat got the new futon frame put together in the basement. It is a quantum leap for couch-kind. I found her down there when I got home yesterday. She had music going on her phone and was working on the Canadian Provinces jigsaw puzzle.

Both kids had school homework that had to be done last night. Bun's was somewhat last minute but she stayed positive and got a lot done. Her Chicago Fire board game came out well. Kat got both of her things done after some nagging. How to teach/support planning and getting crap done before the last minute? I suggested to Bun that next time we pick a day two days before the due date to be our home due date. That way she can get it ready to show us and then tweak if needed for school. We'll see.

Kat sneered at my suggestion of music camp over the summer. Turns out she wants to do a circus arts camp, in the past we did some web searching and found programs in far flung cities. Not for this year. Both girls want to do rec center softball again with their friends. So softball, instrument try out (Bun), circus arts (Kat) and maybe a couple of other things is how it's shaping up so far.

I think I'll be sent to DC for a conference in July. Nod and I talked about getting the three of them out to meet up with me and do the museums and monuments. But now he's leaning towards North Carolina beaches instead and I'm there with him. Sounds like more pleasure and less cost/fuss. More scheming to come.


Minnie said...

July in DC hot and humid, NC beaches the same but with sea breezes. Vote for latter, especially somewhat less-frequented beaches. If you're looking for vacation plus education check out the shipwreck/Coast Guard lifesaving history, not to mention all the First Colony and Native American stuff around Manteo. Lovely Elizabethan Garden there, too, if you're garden lovers. The Wright Bros. Memorial is in the upper reaches of the Outer Banks, too.

Zhoen said...

Chicago Fire board game sounds very interesting.

A meal with Mr. Woodhouse does sound good. I can't come up with better.

Minnie said...

Yeah, now I can't think of dinner with anyone other than P.G. Wodehouse. Excellent choice.

Nimble said...

@Minnie, thanks for those suggestions! My husband has been to Kitty Hawk but I don't think I've ever been on the NC coast to date. Beaches, mmm...

@Zhoen, it is graphically pleasing, you start in the middle of the board and follow a spiral path trying to get out of the burning city as fast as you can.