Monday, March 23, 2015


Armpit issue
I've finished 3/4 of another sweater, just one sleeve to go. I was finishing the right sleeve last night and it was uncomfortably warm to work with the sweater over my lap. But we're due for a cold snap at the end of this week so I can probably get it done without melting. I notice that I have trouble attaching sleeves. My sweater armpits are often more hole than pit. A few stitches will close it up but I wonder what I'm doing wrong. Here in the last act I still like the pattern and it's turning out more attractive than my last woolen sweatshirt.

Spring and another wedding anniversary. We watched a few crunchy xmas trees burn in a brief towering torch on Saturday night to celebrate. Party at a friend's house. We discussed hopping the firepit for a rite but we lost interest before it burned down far enough. Then Nod got into a yoga conversation in the kitchen which threatened to last a long time. I slipped out since I had come in a separate car. Felt disconnected and not sure I wanted to be at a party but it was pleasant enough. I stayed for everything but the yoga yakking.

Late March is when we go outside and expose our pale skin to the bright sun. We went to a college baseball game yesterday. There were a few sunburns in progress to be seen in the stands. We left in the bottom of the 6th when our team was scoreless against their opponent. But first we got to see a valiant over the fence catch and it was a good day out. I moved us up into the shade in the 5th inning. Afterwards Nod felt the effects more than I did. All hail my hat and the multiple layers of sunscreen. Mild expletive but I think I may be getting better at managing sun protection.

Fuzzy bunny
The girls did bunny sitting for our neighbors this week. Jeffrey is a beautiful black and cream rabbit who enjoys the good life in a bunny mansion in their dining room. Yesterday evening I remembered the bunny when I remembered to feed our livestock. Am considering taking a cut of the money the girls got for this duty. Argh. They do so well and then they forget things. I think I will insist on phone alarms being set so I don't have to be the backstop next time.


Lucy said...

Every now and then we go through the garden centre and ooh and ahh over bunnies, but I really don't think I'd like the smell in the living room. I suppose you get used to it.

Surprising how burned you can get in March, even, or especially, when it's chilly, even hereabouts in the cool damp westerly European fringes, as you may not notice it's happening.

Those Ann Budd universal gauge patterns are pretty good, I use the general book all the time for everything, but haven't found the [bottom up] sweater book patterns so accessible, too much noise of detail to get to the basic info, I'd still like to try the top-down one though. Don't worry about having to take a needle to the armpits, most normal knitters I think have to put a stitch in here or there.

Nimble said...

Good to know I'm not the only knitter with sleeve attachment issues.

Neighbor's living room is surprisingly smell-free. Their bunny uses a litter box, like a cat. The litter they use is wood pellets. I remember having rabbits outside and indeed there was a strong smell around the pen.