Thursday, March 19, 2015

Just add butter

I love the moiré satin and the black/dark grey against red paint.

Two days of rain and highs in the 40s. It was just what we needed for precipitation. My personal reaction to the dark grey skies was to apply butter to everything. Yesterday I cooked polenta with butter, colcannon with butter and piña colada cupcakes made with two sticks of butter. We are down to less than a stick of butter in the house and that's probably a good thing.

I am not trying to maximize my butter and sugar intake but if I eat it I intend to enjoy it. I did planks and can do some more by the weekend. I am breathing deeply and envisioning my intention in a golden ball of light to get out and jog. Starting tomorrow the weather will get pretty again.

So Your Son Is A Centaur is a wonderful entry in a project to create fake self-help books and leave them in bookstores for the unsuspecting. It's inspiring me to try to write my book that tells you how to live right and protect yourself from everything: Poison Makes A Bad Breakfast.

A clever metafilterian has asked for recommendations for games she can print and have at each table during her wedding reception. Some of the responses recommend games from Cheapass Games. We love Kill Doctor Lucky and Give Me The Brain. Devil Bunny Needs a Ham sounds very important.


Zhoen said...

Old fan of all things Cheapass.

Nimble said...

Tried Devil Bunny last night. We will have to try again to be sure we are getting the strategy right. Creating sound effects for the Bunny was fun. I will send them $ just for the name.

Zhoen said...

We are considering doing a meetup gamenight here. I'm pushing for a Cheapass Gamenight.