Thursday, March 5, 2015

March on

Dumb dumbness. The world was full of it this morning when I was expected to get out of the warm bed and start my day. I sang a few verses of the Tigger Song in the shower. It gave me vigor without removing any of the injustice. More sunlight, please. We have sun and clear skies but continued face-aching cold today. Warmer starting tomorrow, can I get a fast forward?

Tried starting a new sweater. I bought the big needles for a cute oversized fair isle sweater with bulky yarn found in this wonderful book. I had some hand-me-down bulky yarn for a quick start. I didn't want to buy the big dbl pointed needles to start the neck. Felt clever when I re-purposed some short weaving/loom needles my mother got in a kit from a women's magazine in the 70s. As of this morning I have gotten about halfway through the yoke. But the colors of my random remnants are blech together, I much prefer the gray and white stipulated by the pattern, with two accent colors. I will be yarn shopping. In fact that's what I'd rather be doing right now. hmph.

Or taking pictures of the sunlight slanting in through a window. That sounds appealing.

My No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency reading has gotten me through February. My husband's nightly Aerosmith listening helped him survive. But I have been wandering off from the book I have underway. It's #14 of 15 in the series and I expected my complete-ist drive to take over. Instead I may need to switch gears and go all Anne Rice or something.


Zhoen said...

Have you read any Craig Johnson, Sheriff Walt Longmire series?

Nimble said...

Yes! I like those. I haven't seen the tv adaptation yet, have you? I like that fat man and his friends.

Every once in a while I have to stop reading murder mysteries. It's when it occurs to me, damn, all the people in this small town would be in full PTSD mode after so many murders. But I guess that's sort of what noir is...