Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Opening now

Daffs and forsythia started on March 16 on our block. I want to buy a new rake and free up the flower beds in front of the house. Nod burned the old tomato bushes from the garden in back. Our bonfire for his birthday was a fiery success after he stopped trying to burn green wood.

My eyes and the roof of my mouth are itching so I started taking half a zyrtec each morning. I need to flea treat the dog and cat before we find any of those wee beasties.

Not just one but two fantasy series that I like! Max Gladstone's starts with Three Parts Dead. Richard Kadrey's starts with Sandman Slim. Gladstone's book takes place in a universe with magic and a variety of gods who exist in a very complex legal arrangement. Contractual legalities are part of the magic and the book made me think that part of the writer's motivation was revenge after law school. But that is only one thread in the weave and did not detract. The adventure and newness and humor is all very good. Kadrey's main character is Stark who has the endearing quality of not being able to wear clothes for more than a few hours before they are reduced to shredded rags. He comes back to L.A. after eleven years in Hell and there is much to do. I am pleased to find books that draw me in. I told Nod that the only problem with reading a lot is that my tolerance for certain patterns and tropes has gone down. I weed faster these days.


Zhoen said...

We are already getting tree pollen symptoms.

The irises and crocuses are blooming, as well as the hyacinth. The allium are looking hopeful.

Nimble said...

hopeful onions...