Monday, March 2, 2015

Smell Map

In case you're in downtown Chicago, you should consult the tumblr Chocolate Smell Map. Hopefully it'll be recently updated. When I was there in late 2013 I was delighted with the rich chocolate smell we kept walking in and out of during our transit between buildings. At first we thought the pizza restaurant we were at was baking cookies. But some quick googling told us about the Blommer Chocolate Factory. Every city should have one!

The big storm here was not. We got 2" which melted very politely yesterday. My brother in the Denver environs says they got the rest. His sig.other had a 2+ hour drive home last week due to snowy roads. Awful. Nod and the kids went sledding before the melt yesterday. They did some good testing on a campus hill but it was just a quick trip. I tweaked my back and sledding was not indicated so I went along only for the fancy coffee afterwards. Bun got to try a croissant for the first time (aww) and said it was flaky and good. My mocha was almost too bitter but not, delicious.

Many things checked off lists this weekend. My sweater is finished -- triumph! It feels like a wooly sweatshirt and that's a good thing in my book. So satisfying to take it to the finish line and wear the damn thing. The pattern called for I-cord neckline. I liked it so well I added I-cord to the sleeve edges and the bottom edge as well. You can knit an I-cord to create a tube for hat ties or hood ties. It's one of those techniques that I could never invent and struggle to wrap my mind around. I can follow the instructions and marvel. The sweater is super stretchy (so many ribs) and definitely not kid size. Homely but serviceable. It reminds me a bit of what knights wore under armor.

Kat's at Model UN in capitol city today and tomorrow. We argued over the pants I bought her to wear for this specific event. The rules specify 'formal clothes' which means (as far as I can tell) business wear. Kat finds that the pants bag at the ankles and so she wants to wear leggings that are too tight because she has grown out of them instead. I did not forbid anything but felt pretty exasperated by the entire exchange. I did not get a good look at her this morning and that is probably for the best.

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