Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Bounce watch

Bouncy house reservation was clinched last week. Now we watch weather reports and hope for a calm day. Winds rattled the windows last night as a front moved past. Nothing dramatic here but the weather monkeys were excitedly covering hail and so forth out to the east. Nod and Kat called us outside to see the bats whirling. Wonderful to see them against the twilight sky.

7th grader finished her podcast on factory farming. Her teacher and classmates had a hard time getting through it. I am proud of her and will not listen to it. She asked me to look for cage free eggs to dye. I found the last dozen white cage-free eggs at our nearest store on Friday. Whew. We eat a lot of eggs and I am happy to pay for at least a big barn for the dang birds to be in rather than cages. That said, I have read accounts of chicken barns and know that even cage-free isn't a guarantee of any quality of life. The eggs I usually buy are from La Ferme du Bonheur (= Happy Farm!) in Missouri. Market compassion to me, meat industry. Find a way to scale good treatment. I know that misery is cheap and that's why we have it. Let's go for less miserable!

Tulips now and redbud trees. The daffs are fading. A neighbor's lawn has little grape hyacinths sprinkled through it. So cute!

I am now a true believer in the pie plate antenna. Years ago I scrounged up a flexible wire antenna for our over the air, cheapass tv needs. It was strung up with one end on the curtain rod and the other arranged on the stereo cabinet. I read about the antenna and thought it would probably not make a difference but what the hell. One disposable pizza platter later and I have one end of the antenna attached to a halo and tacked to the wall. We are getting everything with eerie clarity. In addition we now receive some other stations we missed earlier: 3 PBS stations that don't come in well and 4 more religious stations. I wish I could exchange the religious ones for one decent PBS reception.

This weekend will be 11 y.o. bday and then my mother arrives the next weekend.

Finally opened a pkg of miso that I think has been in the fridge since xmas. It smells just fine and the Vegetarian Miso Soup was dynamite. The recipe was a starting point. I soaked dried mushrooms in steaming water and used that for broth. I stir-fried some cabbage and onion with ginger and added that for greens. Next time I'll put seaweed in it but it was a surprisingly satisfying soup without either the bonito flakes or the seaweed. Veggie Girl agreed with me.

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