Monday, April 13, 2015


Bun launched into 11. No pictures this time but the fete was good. We hit the weather just right and the kids had a good time. I bake a mean cupcake and said that might be a good summation for my tombstone. But too many letters of course so not possible. Cupcakes! is a good caption and while I would laugh to see it in the cemetery I would not actually pay for it to be inscribed in stone. I told Nod that I would go for an old-fashioned hand pointing up. I like the ambivalence. Sure it means 'gone to heaven' but maybe it could also mean 'watch out for that pigeon' or 'up yours!' or 'just a minute'.

More bouncing yesterday at the trampoline playground. I had a headache return after one rough landing. But it was just an ache, spirits stayed high. It was almost as much fun watching the kids jump after I was done. Rosie was telling me that we have mirror neurons that fire when watching other humans do stuff. So I think I was getting the sensation of leaping by just watching. In addition, the sight of bouncing mammals is objectively entertaining, see baby goats, et al.

My relationship tango has become more straightforward. I've gotten reassurance and am feeling like the bonds are all in place.

The headache is invited to go away.

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