Thursday, April 2, 2015

Eleven pipers piping

Bun turns eleven next week. I just met with her teachers to renew the IEP so she'll continue with enrichment classes in middle school. Her teacher said he was happy she would be going on to be with a larger gathering of her peers at middle school, meaning more gifted kids. I thought that was a nice idea but it doesn't match my impressions of middle school. Personally I hope she can skate past the more distressing experiences and bond with some other kids who like school.

Our bday party planning skills continue to be fairly lame. I called about renting an inflatable jumping castle but not til this week. I can guarantee cake and ice cream but bouncing may be scheduled for another date.

I have declared a day off tomorrow. There will be marital canoodling. There will be coffee. More to be decided. I intend to have a long list of options so I can pick and choose and feel like I am having a thorough day of not working.

Just learned that "2 cas de beurre" in a recipe in French means 2 Tablespoons of butter.
c.a.s = cuillère à soupe = T  The corresponding teaspoon abbreviation is cac (cuillère à café). Ah diacriticals! Do I wish I was eating some lamb stew with red wine and dumplings? Yes, I do!


Zhoen said...

This is a good day not to work. Happy snogging.

Nimble said...

There is a steam whistle that signals class changes on campus. I enjoyed hearing it and knowing that the work day was going on without me.