Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Honey to fur

There is an art project that is photos of naked humans covered in honey. I've heard the images are lovely. But all I can think is - what a waste of honey. sigh.

My deadlines and challenges are resolved for the moment. Car fixed right on time. Mom here and gone again. Low stress as these things go. She was delighted with the progeny and the dog. As much as that woman likes dogs I am glad we had one for her enjoyment. I was also glad to have the days off and now am getting back in the notion of work.

Borrowed a mower and got my yard and the neighbor's done. Before the rain which made me feel smug as a bug in a rug. Now to acquire one of these contraptions for my very own. Do I want an electric with a cord? I can't afford an electric without a cord. First I will go see if there are any scratchndents at H. Despot.

Our 7th grader's band concert sounded good last night. Even the 6th graders sounded tuneful. I am convinced that Kat's band teacher knows what she's doing. What an interesting gift, to lead and teach and get them all making actual music. Bun is signed up for percussion as her place-holder next year. Hope she finds something she likes when she tries the different instruments in June.

Dog hair was piling up in every corner, guess it was time for the spring shed. We took her out back to brush. I started plucking out loose fur from her back legs. It was a bit like plucking a goose. The undercoat was ready to go.

Planted seeds with Kat yesterday 4/21 and I will write it here so I can find it again if needed. Wildflowers are in the pot on the back patio. Mint and cilantro in the patch to the right of the front steps. Can't find the basil seeds. If the seeds are going to sprout they should do so in 12-16 days. Keep watering and give up if nothing's showing by May 7.


Zhoen said...

Often when I record my planting on the blog, it is for my own future reference.

I had a honey salt massage once. Took me days to shower it all off. Never again.

Nimble said...

No sprouts yet.
Chuckling to myself imagining finding honey/salt crumbs days later.