Thursday, April 16, 2015


Releasing anxiety. Mentally opening my hand to let a handful of dry leaves blow away. I sent an email that made things awkward for a manager Monday. I cut the weeds away from the compost bin when I got home as therapy. Went to work with my little anxiety vulture on my shoulder. My supervisor ran interference. I have been assured that it's settled now and we are moving on. Okay, vulture, you can go now. Maybe it wants lunch.

Revisiting my discomfort with this position. I do not have the education degree or background that my teammates have. I have skills and knowledge as an experienced IT and admin support person which supposedly compensates. But I worry I'm really going to embarrass myself or the group.

So many to dos. It's a todo do-se-do. Thinking about going to bloodbath and beyond to do some panic buying before my mom gets here. I have some inquiries about borrowing a mower. Time for the first mow of the year. We'll have to buy one after that no matter Nod's objections. I wonder if we'll get furnace filters replaced this weekend. I need to buy a shovel to move compost around.

As part of the square dance I am dropping my car off for oil and transmission fluid change tonight. It popped out of cruise control on the highway last weekend and started a 'check engine' blinkfest. Nod got the codes run at the auto store and it looks like it's related to dirty oil/transmission fluid. I see there is no putting off that oil change til later.

Cat has been waking me because hungry. Must start feeding her at night because I don't want to spend my last 90 minutes of sleepy time fending off the sharp toothed nibbles she uses to remind me she's hungry.

Rainy weekend to come. Mom is bringing 2# of green chile so we'll have stew. Collecting culture events and indoor things for options. Baseball in the rain doesn't sound very appealing.

Typo of the day: Norte Dame. Which reminds me that it took until this spring for me to realize that Kanye West naming his daughter North means that she's North West in full. I like to think that this means I am suitably unplugged from celebrity culture. (As well as slow on the uptake.) I still like that first name. It strikes me as more substantial than Apple for example.

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Zhoen said...

Too many stuffs you got there.

Car issues cause me unwarranted panic.