Monday, May 4, 2015

Alternative Garlic

Wired article about a doctor who tried alternative therapies for his autistic sons and after years came to believe they were an ineffective waste of effort. Discussed as related to the public denouncing of Dr. Oz recently. My partner has a tendency to come home with bottles of herbal tinctures and blessed thistle capsules. Our kitchen cabinet is full of these things. We'd all like to be able to buy health. It strikes me that this desire could be satisfied with a quick offering at an altar if only we believed. Then we could buy a little cone of incense and burn it for Hermes. It couldn't hurt.

A co worker brought bagels on her birthday. The everything bagel is making me very happy in an onion/garlic way.

I have not done much exercise in the last month. This is disappointing because the temperatures are rising and there's plenty of daylight. The year is spinning on and I have not got a weekly routine going. Went jogging once last week. I would like to have exercised first thing in the morning. But I don't want to stop reading and get out of bed in order to start exercising then.

Yesterday was full of cooking win. All things I've made before, red chile enchilada sauce with corn tortillas, cheese, and a crock pot of chicken thighs for we meat eaters. The veggie had hers with black beans. Roasted broccoli crack which is like this Smitten recipe with lemon and garlic but gets even better with a hefty dose of parmesan cheese at the end. Roasted diced potatoes with garlic because, yes! more garlic. I had a mild regret about all the oven time after our house got too warm last night. We ended up running the house fan all night which was fine. No a/c yet.

Finished GOT season 4 last night. Off to sea toward Bravos for the more sympathetic characters. Sansa seems to be marshaling her powers and working with Little Finger rather than at his mercy so I guess that's good. I don't understand how the Hound and Arya missed finding Sansa at the Aerie. Also how could Brienne notice that Arya is missing and not check to see where the Hound's carcass ended up? I'm pretty tired of waiting for the zombies in the north to do something. Nice that Bran at least got to talk with the raven man. Now how to partake of season 5? Will consider options, budget and patience levels. I am not as hooked as I once was. I still would like to see Danaerys come across the sea. I'd love to see the grande dame of the House Tyrell do anything at all. But the cruelty, gore and goofy romance (Jon Snow and Ygritte, yeesh) have worn on me.   


Zhoen said...

Doctors are just as superstitious as anyone, and convince themselves they aren't because they are smart and trained and experienced.

D showed me a bit of guitar gear today, metal box with a place to plug in, two wrapped wires inside connected to a screw on the inside. That's it. Costs $200. Lots of them were sold. Doesn't do anything. Sounds like a lucky box to me.

We want magic to work.

Nimble said...

It's all about control. We'll settle for a pantomime if we can't have the real thing.