Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Bunnies everywhere

Learning more about wild rabbit habits. Yesterday evening the next door neighbor saw a rabbit in our shared corn patch and chased it over towards our yard. Then he saw three more adult rabbits and found one of them on a nest of newborn kits. He said he felt like he'd chased the scout back right into enemy territory.

That would be a third nest site. It is further from our front door and hard to spot in the grass so I'm awarding improvement points for that to Mama Bunny. We went over to peek at the squirmy hairless gray critters. According to the rabbitmatters page the kits will be independent in 30 days. I'll have to mow carefully for the next couple of weeks at least. Listened to rain in the night and had to be stern with myself. Wild rodents everywhere seem to get by without me setting up tiny tents for them in rainy weather.

Long weekend with only a few work thoughts. Mopped up two matters hanging from Friday first thing this morning. I feel lighter and happy that I did not have to login for work over the holiday. Lots of rain but it held off for most of Saturday so we got more done than if it had bucketed all day.

Score for the weekend:
One yard mowed
Two softball practices attended
Two softball practices missed
One really jolly party in the rain Saturday night
Two wins/two losses/one bellyflop for the Royals
One beesting
One pizza and pinball outing

I've finished skimming the bio of Billy Wilder that I started after watching Sabrina (1954) on tv one weekend. I made a list as I went through of all the films I wanted to see. Midnight (1939) was very charming in the first third, pretty charming in the second third and the last bit in the courtroom lost me. Easy Living (1937) is as funny as my friend Tim told me in 2000. Next on the list: Five Graves to Cairo, Ball of Fire and Sunset Blvd.

Two softball games every week for the next month or two.

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Lucy said...

We have bunny years when they prove the fence is anything but rabbit-proof though we can never see where they're getting in and they eat the vegetables - pea shoots are popular. Then other times we don't see anything of them. Never seen newborn ones, always thought they were too far underground.