Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Indigo Glory

Hippy bird day to me! Presentations done. My wonderful co presenter worked the room like a champ and gave me nice feedback. At least my stress makes me work on things now, not just dread them. There, Life, I have learned that lesson at least. 

Today we have a high of 58 and it's drizzly. The car wouldn't start this morning so I drove the backup jalopy. This birthday has been rescheduled for the long weekend when it may rain but the temps should all start with a 6 or better. Wonder if it's the starter or the alternator.

Saw an Indigo Bunting on Sunday, waiting for his close-up on top of a pine tree. I had no camera so will paste in this image from the Birds of St. Charles, Missouri site.
Indigo Bunting

The word indigo also brings to mind the late twilight sky last weekend when Venus and Jupiter were shining so beautifully in the western sky.

Dumb bunny came back and dug a second burrow about 30 inches from the first one. I am braced for further bad bunny parenting.

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Zhoen said...

Indigo seems to be my word for the week as well.

Good on ya for making the worry work for you.