Wednesday, May 13, 2015


There are berries I have yet to encounter. For example I have just found a recipe for Saskatoon Pie. Yes, it's made with saskatoon berries but you can substitute blueberries if you have never heard of saskatoons before. I am reassured that there are still wonderful things to discover in the world.

Another delightful discovery came in this discussion of tattoos, fads and regrets: tramp stamp in German is "Arschgeweih", which translates roughly as "ass antlers."

Showing up and doing some things is still working at work. I am having some thoughts of job hunting for something that doesn't ring my Scary! bell. But so far so pretty good. The woman who hired me has shit to get done and I am a mostly willing pawn in her machinations. They aren't really machinations, just plans. As Nod says, looks like I have a mentor. Aieee.

Age of Ultron was our family movie outing last Saturday. It was entertaining throughout and scratched an itch but not a very memorable entry in the parade. I am *not* going to see Ant Man. I didn't read the source material and I have to put my foot down somewhere.

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