Monday, May 18, 2015


Irises have peaked on campus. Mulberries sighted on the trail by 13th St. White and unripe but plenty of them. Baby birds are peeping vigorously next door. A bunny dug a burrow eight feet from our front door, smack in the middle of the lawn. But I haven't seen it since that day so maybe it was just a practice burrow.

I spent the weekend managing my presentation stress. Practiced what I'm going to say on Saturday with Kat as audience. She was helpful and encouraging. After I was done, tears. I am not happy that my job makes me feel so vulnerable I cry. Practiced again on Sunday. Have more done today including a handout. Feel more able to show what I need to show. Very grateful that my co-presenter finished a good powerpoint doc, turned out a cute pamphlet and is carrying most of the load.

Nod got back after being at a retreat all weekend. This was a class with his shamanic teacher. The sessions he's done with her seem to affect him like concentrated counseling. He doesn't go every week he just goes for a weekend every six months or so. Came home looking exhausted and said that progress was made.

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