Friday, June 12, 2015


Must link to Anthony Lane's musing on Alice and a new book about that very important book. It sounds like well-balanced stuff. I look forward to reading this Oxford don's writing about that Oxford don. Here's a link to the book itself.

(I like that Goodreads includes a link to the shopping sites but isn't overrun by them. It's sort of charming that their distracting side ads are all for other books!)

I've started wearing my sweatshirt with the Punk Alice on it again this spring. In the '80s my mother and I found a thrift store t shirt that was too small to wear but too delicious to pass up:

The caption:  The punk Alice intimidates the Flamingo with her fashion sense.
There's a tag from the neck that reads: "machine wash and dry your silk screen t-shirt, clean your room and don't stay out past eleven without calling." She sewed the Alice onto something that would actually fit.

I stopped wearing it for a while because it's pretty shapeless and the arms are too short. But I found it again during our long cool spring. Still like the turquoise and love the Punk Alice. I cut the cuffs and plan to pretend it was always 3/4 sleeved. I'm not afraid of shapeless at the moment.

I have been doing planks and arm things this week, alternating pushups one day and triceps dips the next. Last weekend's pool outing felt so good it made me want to find my middle again. I have visible biceps but the bingo wings are threatening. Definitely time to work the triceps.

Bun and her dad did some softball catch last night that resulted in Bun's fat lip. Poor kiddo. It's not as big today but still a few days from done. She was in right field for all of the last two games and I got righteously indignant about the girls not being rotated for fielding. I spoke with the coach about it and said that I'd like to see some change. He asserted that they *were* rotating positions and then offered that he wouldn't want girls stuck where they couldn't be successful. Harrumph. It sounded as though we were in agreement at the end. I was in dudgeon afterwards although glad that I had spoken my piece.

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