Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Getting our lists checked off to be ready to go out of town. Working hard to concentrate on work things while at work. But vacation focus is growing. The double shark attack story at a NC beach last Sunday was hard for me to read about. We'll be looking for local safety info wherever we go.

Watched The Imitation Game with Kat on Friday night. Her sister was at a sleepover and Nod was socializing in the big city. He's been very social lately, I am feeling a bit put out. Discussions to come. We liked the movie, Kat cried. I am glad that Turing's story is getting more recognition. I wonder how many people were actually involved in keeping the secret that Enigma was cracked. It seems like it must have been more than just the core code breakers and one guy from MI-6 but then again the fewer the better. I think the movie was 15% too squishy, the third repetition of 'the people you don't imagine anything of' bit was too many for me. The kid sequences were well done. I appreciated that the film acknowledged this was a difficult rather than a likeable person. To remember for a future me/Kat movie night: Only Lovers Left Alive. She's asked about watching Orange is the New Black and we're vetoing as inappropriate for the moment. I have just requested season 1 from the library.

During a recent family book discussion I banned Watership Down from the house. It seems I still harbor a grudge. I told Kat she can read it but I don't want to see it. She shouldn't read it, she has the same vulnerability to animal avatars as I do, if not more so.

Mr. Money Mustache is a ridiculous name and has plenty to read about choosing how you spend your time and money to live a good life. Some of his assumptions and values are not mine but there is overlap and I am intrigued. One of his bugaboos is commuting and he highly recommends moving to be close to your work. Downside: a large amount of bootstrap bragging and privilege ignoring.


Zhoen said...

The history of that movie is pretty shoddy.


Nimble said...

I read the commentary and my conclusion is: Hollywood. The film is a watchable bio pic with some very good actors. I'll go find some books to get some more facts on the Enigma episode.