Monday, June 8, 2015

Green revolution

Not furloughed. The legislators passed an emergency bill on Saturday that made every state employee 'essential' so nobody could be furloughed in the new fiscal year which starts today. So we're all here, hoping to be paid. It sounds as though a budget may be passed today. As my husband said, I'm tired of KS being a laughingstock.

Did I say ten days? Ha! A tiny bunny with its little beady eye was in the grass when I tried to mow the side of our yard yesterday. I just did the upper part and then went and spied on the two bunlets I could see in the shady grass.

I buried a second mole and feel a need to keep the cat in. In addition, a young robin got stuck in a window well and squawked all day on Saturday. I don't know if the cat knocked it in or not but she was seen in the vicinity. I couldn't take the squawking anymore and lifted the robin out with a dustpan. I deposited it over the fence and told it to go with God. Nod told the youngest to research cat scrunchies because we clearly need some.

Complicated plans this weekend did not finish me off but it was a brisk fight at some points. Got through some conflict management and made an excellent frittata. Reminders: 1. A frittata needs to have a hot pan when the eggs go in because otherwise the broiler just cooks the top level and the rest is liquidy. I hated the world by the time the eggs were set but it was delicious. 2. don't start cooking a frittata when already very hungry.

Vast quantities of greens are assembling in our fridge. Grocery store, garden, friend's gardens and farm share have all resulted in many bundles of lettuce and greens staring at me from the shelves and drawers of the fridge. That was part of the reason for my frittata crisis. I had to use up that chard!

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