Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Looking up

Spouse and I both wrangling with some depression. We talked last night and I said I was fantasizing about a new job with less stress. We agreed to the universal truth that sometimes a job brings satisfaction and sometimes it's just for the paycheck. Sounds like adulthood, etc. I have been reassured this week that my position is secure* and my presentation skills are above average even though that part gives me the pip. [*Or as secure as any of our state jobs are with a budget unfinished and furlough plans being drawn.] I guess I'll keep trying to meet the challenges. But I may look for something more specialized. Hope Nod can find a path out of his funk. Clear skies would help but there's no controlling that.

MIL got on the road early this morning to get to the airport. Nod refused to accept his dad's Navy working whites that she had kept and wanted him to have. I would have accepted them and trashed them later but that is not his way. They are a pair of hard headed sentimentalists. She got out to see her cousin in Missouri and brought us news of them. I hope we get out there this summer.

My mother has just emailed me that perhaps the kids should not come visit this summer. She thinks I am pandering to my husband's paranoia about putting both kids on a plane by agreeing to drive out and back. I thought about forwarding this email to my husband but I don't think that would achieve any of my goals. Still considering.

Beautiful full moon rising over the house last night. Oldest daughter called us out into the dark street to see. Wonderful pearl.

Youngest has been trying brass for two days: trombone, trumpet and (French) horn. She says the trombone is heavy but she can make the most noises with it. Doesn't sound like love. Low strings start today (bass and cello).

There was lots of activity on the small animal front yesterday. I got the front mowed which is a relief. Disturbed the bunny nest, saw one trying to hide in the tall grass. Scooped it up and pushed it at the entrance hole, it scooted back in. I am glad I was able to put it back. They have fur now but eyes are not yet open. The neighbors got three chicks and an enormous coop. They are cute and peeping as required. Zing killed a mole yesterday and spent much time flinging it around on the back porch.

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